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About HiPP

HiPP is a German brand manufacturing infant formula, weaning food and drinks, baby skin care, dietary supplements, sip, and tube feeding products. Founded in 1932 (although the first infant food from HiPP was produced in 1899), the company gained global reach by manufacturing high-quality products in harmony with nature. Their products include a large number of completely organic baby nutrition and baby skincare products that are a result of completely organic farming. With factories all across Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and more) and more than 3.5k employees, HiPP cemented their spot as one of the best baby nutrition and care producers in the world. Their dedication to environment care, nutrition science, and organic farming without using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is confirmed by the amazing 260 safety checks that are done to check the safety and quality of each HiPP product.

HiPP’s innovation and high-quality standards were one of the key reasons why we offer a wide range of their products on YummyGanics. From a variety of baby formulas and baby snacks to baby pouches, baby tea, and baby skincare products, you can find the very best from Hipp on our shop. As exclusive distributors of Hipp we deliver each product to your doorstep fast and in excellent condition with long shelf life.