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Organic Puree Pouches

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About Our Organic Puree Pouches

When it comes to fruit baby pouches you are understandably worried to buy non-organic options from brands you’ve never heard of. That ends with the YummyGanics Puree Pouches for babies which are all certified organic and made by the globally popular baby food brand Holle. Pick from 6 months & Up, and 8 months & up organic pure pouches all made with real fruit. All fruit pouches here are Apple-based, but also include extra fruits (banana, pear, mango, passion fruit, strawberry), vegetables (potato, beetroot, carrot), and grains.

Using an innovative production process (Finely puréed), these pure pouches give your baby quickly dissolving and highly absorbing nutrient-rich food. Additionally, the puree pouches are unsweetened or naturally sweetened, EU Certified Organic, and Demeter Certified (meets international standards in production and processing). The Demeter certifications also mean that these fruit pouches are produced in harmony with nature in a biodynamic manner with respect to plants and animals. They don’t contain any lactose, egg, additives, or GMOs.

While you can order single products, you can save money by ordering our exclusive packs of baby pouches. From small 6-packs to large 36-packs of baby pouches, you can truly save money while getting high-quality organic baby pouches.