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Baby Formula

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About Our Organic European Baby Formulas

Explore 50+ baby formula products that are created with the right balance of nutrients that your babies need during their development. From 100% vegetable solutions that are dairy-free, to cow’s/goat’s milk baby formulas that are soy & starch-free, you are sure to find premium quality & completely safe baby formulas manufactured under the highest standards. The versatile offerings in our baby formula category mean that you can also find baby formula for specific conditions such as reflux and regurgitation, as well as baby formulas enriched with Prebiotics and Omega 3. Here you can also find completely organic combiotic follow on milk formulas that are enriched with Vitamin C, D, and iron which contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

The YummyGanics shop gives you formulas from birth onwards, 6 months & Up, 10/12 & Up depending on the specific needs of every parent and baby. Additionally, as certified distributors, we include baby formula products for all 3 stages from the most famous global baby food manufacturers such as BébéHiPP, HolleKabrita, and more. Each baby formula is directly ordered and shipped to us, guaranteeing you will get the freshest formula for your little angel. Now explore YummyGanics baby formula category to find the best baby formulas all containing the proper nutrients for normal baby development and growth.