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About Holle

Holle is a baby food company founded 85 years ago. Considered as one of the oldest baby formula manufacturers in Europe, it gained global recognition for the high-quality standards of its organic baby food products. From the beginning, Holle’s focus and dedication were towards sustainability. That’s why today they have a product range of more than 80 completely organic baby food products. Using organic farming principles, Holle also implements biodynamic standards. As a company, Holle is known that it doesn’t use any harmful chemical processing preservatives, coloring or flavoring agents, salt, or granulated sugar.

Holle works with farmers that supply only organic raw materials which passed their high-quality control and standards. When it comes to products that come from cow milk, they are pastured in Holle farms that are raised on organic local farms without any painful procedures such as de-horning which guarantees the milk quality. That’s why Holle today is one of the most reliable brands for high-quality baby food. YummyGanics includes a great number of Holle products that will help your baby get a balanced and natural diet from the very start. From baby formulas and baby cereals to snacks, tea, and organic baby weaning oil, YummyGanics is your trusted supplier for Holle baby food.