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Kabrita Products

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About Kabrita

Established in 1897, Kabrita is a Dutch baby food company that specializes in the use of high-quality goat milk in its baby formula products. What’s interesting is that Kabrita baby formulas are produced by a variety of Dutch dairy factories. These factories have a history of over 75 years in producing goat milk baby formulas. Each Kabrita factory works with farmers that are members of the Dutch Goat Milk Airy Associations who need to comply with the guidelines and legislation. This assures the highest quality and purity of the goat milk used in their baby formula products.

What’s also amazing about the Kabrita goat milk baby formula is that it has bèta-palmitate (the breast milk is also high in bèta-palmitate) which makes their goat milk formula one of the best choices for a gentle transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. Additionally, the goat milk in their baby formula products is naturally mild, easy to digest, rich in calcium, vitamin A, and iron, and enhanced with valuable nutrients. As exclusive distributors of Kabrita, YummyGanics offers Kabrita baby formulas for Stage 1, Stage 2 Follow On, but also toddler formula all enhanced with DHA & AA acids and prebiotic fibers (GOS) for better digestion.