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Lebenswert Bio Products

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About Lebenswert Bio

Lebenswert Bio is an organic baby food company based in Germany. Their focus is to produce the highest quality baby food using organic sources that are in harmony with nature. Not only Lebenswert organic baby food is detailly checked by certified farmers, but they are also in line with the Bioland guidelines. The Bioland guidelines are quality standards for farmers and manufacturers that are even stricter than the ones of the European Union. The organic Bioland certified farmers don’t use chemicals or synthetic agents, and instead, use natural compost for soil fertilization. With more than 7,000 farmers, Bioland members continuously embrace sustainable methods for healthy food production. This assures that each Lebenswert Bio baby food products, such as their widely recognized baby formulas, are one of the best organic food options for babies. Their baby formulas contain organic Bioland milk and organic vegetable oils, while their organic cereal options use organic whole grains with no added preservatives or GMOs. YummyGanics offers you their 3 organic baby formula options: Stage 1 Organic Baby Formula, Stage 2 Organic Baby Formula, and Stage 3 Organic Baby formula, as well as baby cereals: Organic Rice Porridge and Oatmeal Porridge which are a healthy baby food option for 4 months onwards.