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About Loulouka

Loulouka is a Dutch baby food brand that uses Swiss organic cow’s milk to produce its baby formula products which are subjected to 50+ quality assurance tests before they leave the factory. Their baby formula products are made in Switzerland on biodynamic farms with lush and green pastures and were created by a team of baby food nutritionists with more than a decade of experience. Loulouka’s organic cow milk formula features more vitamins than regular baby formulas. There is more calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and Omega 3 & Omega 6 Acids (DHA & ALA). All these Non-GMO nutrients contribute to healthy growth and development. Loulouka’s baby formula is also in line with the stricter organic standards of the European Union. Meaning their baby formula doesn’t contain refined sugars, artificial colors, preservatives, or refined palm oil. Instead, Loulouka uses organic coconut oil which is backed by research to support proper growth and development in babies. It also protects the gentle skin of the baby and regulates digestion. As exclusive distributors, YummyGanics offers their 3 baby formula products: Stage 1 Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula, Stage 2 Organic (Bio) Infant Milk Formula, and Stage 3 Organic (Follow-On) Infant Milk Formula.