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About Nanny Care

Nannycare is a New Zeeland-based baby formula manufacturer that specializes in goat milk baby formulas. They are a family-owned business that puts immense care and passion into every step of the production process. With 25+ years of experience, Nannycare produces goat milk for its baby formula in collaboration with 71 farmers whose farms are located in New Zealand pastures where the goats are treated gently and meet the strict EU compositional standards. The goat milk is then transported to Nannycare’s world-class facilities for producing goat milk baby formula. That is where Nannycare puts amazing focus on the formula's quality which uses just full cream goat milk, lactose, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable oil (no palm oil). This gentle processing with minimal heat avoids non-essential ingredients which are normally added in the cow’s milk formulas, and that’s why the Nannycare formula is closest to the nutrient composition of breast milk. Their formula is soft and gentle on the baby’s tummy and uses Vitamin D and DHA (Omega 3) to support the baby’s healthy growth and development. Find all versions of the Nannycare goat milk baby formula on YummyGanics. Pick from the Stage 1 Infant Goat Milk Formula, Stage 2 Infant Goat Milk Formula, and Stage 3 Growing Up Goat Milk Formula, each utilizing the goat milk nutrition and produced under the highest standards for quality and safety.