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About Organix

Founded in 1992 in the Netherlands, Organix is a baby food brand specializing in organic baby snacks. With a mission to make nutritious and healthy baby food by using only organic ingredients, they are one of the best organic snacks and organic cereal baby food manufacturers. All the ingredients used for their organic baby food come from organic farmlands where no GMOs, pesticides, or fertilizers are ever used. Additionally, their products are EU Certified Organic and don’t use any refined sugar, coloring agents, or harmful preservatives.

Organix is also BRC certified, which is one of the highest standards for food safety. Their products are packed in completely recyclable packaging which adds up to the company’s focus on sustainability. YummyGanics is an exclusive distributor of Organix offering you a wide variety of their healthy cereals and snacks such as their Organix Goodies Mini Gingerbread Men Biscuits, Organix Finger Food Apple Rice Cakes, Organix Carrot Puffs, and more. When you are ready to start giving solids to your baby and want to aid the baby’s chewing muscles for biting and munching, the healthy snacks by Organix are always a great choice.